Bubbes on Nanas on Grannys

by Addison

I’m looking forward to my golden years.  And not only because I can spend my life savings, do cool stuff all day instead of work, or be wiser than half the population.

It’s also because I can be a grandmother.

Not only do Bubbes have three closets full of vintage clothes and handbags to choose from and enough food stored to last a lifetime, but they provide endless entertainment, they’re good for the heart, and they share wisdom from decades of living.

These special women have seen it all, and therefore, are the ultimate advice-givers.  They put problems in perspective.

In a fight with your boyfriend? You’re consoled: “by the time you’re married, you won’t even remember his name,” as you’re handed a box of stashed See’s candies.  Some problems are just not worth stressing over.

She’s made it through life’s hardships and is pushing 85.  Even if times have changed… she’ll still know what to do.

And to be honest, it doesn’t even need to be your own grandmother.  Chatting it up with grannies of all ages and sizes is sure to bring laughs and can be very beneficial to one’s psyche.  They think you’re god’s gift to earth.  They’re proud of you no matter what.

So talk with your grandma even if you have to speak really loudly, ask her about the past if you want to learn something new, raid her closet for cool vintage clothes, plunder her fridge for good food, and appreciate her for all that she does.

So, when you’re 80, you’ll be an inspiration in your grandkids’ lives, too.

It for now. xo.