by Addison

Another day, another mind-numbingly bizarre incident on the streets of New York City.

The blasé outlook is an idea from a guy named George Simmel.  It’s the concept that people who live in modern cities can encounter the most freakish people and see the most peculiar of things without criticizing them or being frightened.

Human behavior in cities is so idiosyncratic that it’s casual to see a big, shirtless, hairy man sporting neon capris swaying as he kneels on the seat of a moving subway.  The blasé outlook gives us the power to think rationally about odd behavior.  There’s probably some logical reason why this shirtless man is acting the way he is, and I am going to accept it.  I’m not going to laugh or comment or take pictures to send to my friends.

Simmel believes that money produces the equality between necessities, allowing for impersonal exchanges between people.  Money yields a new rationale for urban interactions.

I don’t particularly agree that the blasé outlook is “good” in that relationships with people are treated as monetary transactions, because I believe we should be friendly to people whether they are beneficial or not.

However, I interpret the blasé outlook in a fashion sense, too.  I love that I can wear whatever I want, whenever I want while resting assured that I won’t be the craziest looking person wherever I’m going.

Five-inch heels to get a manicure at 2 in the morning?  Casual.

Mixing and matching any clothes, shoes, and handbags will be fashionable enough.  Know your social world, and you’ll feel more confident and comfortable.  One day in this city, and you’ll think anything is normal…