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Noteworthy Nosh

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Daily Delight

I went to a few showrooms in the Meatpacking district to get inspired!  It’s hard to keep thinking about dreams and goals when they are so far away, so going to stimulating places is very encouraging!

shirt: Equipment   skirt: Club Monaco  bag: Rebecca Minkoff

shoes:  Glaze ( has such comfortable heels!)   —  and the necklace was a gift, but it seems very Balenciaga-inspired : )

Daily Delight

Feeling like a tourist today!

shirt: alternative   shorts: free people   bag: marc jacobs   belt: jcrew  

glasses: chanel    shoes: urban   — bracelets are from random boutiques!


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Daily Delight: Keeping Cool

Starting this Friday out with some frozen pineapple and iced green tea — already 90 degrees out at 8 am in Manhattan!

Because of the weather, I wanted to wear something comfortable and loose for the day.  So of course, I opted for a 100% silk dress to keep me cool!  Silk protein fibers absorb moisture, and the porous texture allows for a breathable feel.

Going to catch the train to explore the meatpacking district… and trying to stay hydrated!

dress: Rebecca Taylor       headband: Tasha

shoes: Sam Edelman          bag: Kate Spade


Daily Delight: Time for Class

Happy 5th of July!

The perfect way to start an early morning? Mint green tea and blueberries.  Wakes me up and fills my little home with fresh scents.

Going to a cafe before class to finish up some homework I didn’t have time to accomplish because of 4th of July festivities… so keeping my clothes basic!  

PS – excuse the tennis shoe tan line!

cardigan and shorts: Jcrew    shoes: Sam Edelman    earrings: Kate Spade

Daily Delight: Show Support with Blue!

A special little boy in my life, Ryan, lives with a condition called AMC (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita) that affects his joints, mostly in his legs making it very difficult (but now after surgery, not impossible!) to walk.  And today, is having an awareness day!  Wear that blue… help educate!

shirt: Patterson J. Kincaid     bag: Rebecca Minkoff     

shoes: Mia       shorts: Hudson

Daily Delight

right outside my building!

My very first day in Soho, NYC!  Everyone here, men included, are so fashionable… I wish I could go around taking pictures of everyone’s outfits!

Here is an outfit I went out in to grab lunch and explore in and pick up a few things I needed for my barren apartment.  I don’t have any of my jewelry with me, because it was shipped over separately, ugh FedEx.

Will post about visited shops and boutiques later!  xo.  Addie

shirt: Patterson J. Kincaid    skirt: j.crew     shoes: coclico (

Bubbes on Nanas on Grannys

I’m looking forward to my golden years.  And not only because I can spend my life savings, do cool stuff all day instead of work, or be wiser than half the population.

It’s also because I can be a grandmother.

Not only do Bubbes have three closets full of vintage clothes and handbags to choose from and enough food stored to last a lifetime, but they provide endless entertainment, they’re good for the heart, and they share wisdom from decades of living.

These special women have seen it all, and therefore, are the ultimate advice-givers.  They put problems in perspective.

In a fight with your boyfriend? You’re consoled: “by the time you’re married, you won’t even remember his name,” as you’re handed a box of stashed See’s candies.  Some problems are just not worth stressing over.

She’s made it through life’s hardships and is pushing 85.  Even if times have changed… she’ll still know what to do.

And to be honest, it doesn’t even need to be your own grandmother.  Chatting it up with grannies of all ages and sizes is sure to bring laughs and can be very beneficial to one’s psyche.  They think you’re god’s gift to earth.  They’re proud of you no matter what.

So talk with your grandma even if you have to speak really loudly, ask her about the past if you want to learn something new, raid her closet for cool vintage clothes, plunder her fridge for good food, and appreciate her for all that she does.

So, when you’re 80, you’ll be an inspiration in your grandkids’ lives, too.

It for now. xo.

Hello world!

First blogpost here!

I figure, these days, if you don’t have your own blog or tumblr by the time you’re 20 years old, you really don’t want (or care) to express yourself to others.  Maybe it’s because you don’t want people all up in your business, or maybe you just don’t have anything important to share in the first place.  Or more reasonably, you actually have a life!

Everyone needs a spot to put all of those pretty photos, story-of-your-life GIFs, witty quotes, and stimulating youtube videos they collect during their daily three-hour bonding sesh with their computers.

So, that’s what this blog will be for me before I reach the big 2 0.  It is my sonata, if you will.  A compilation of my experiences and crazy adventures, music and photos that make me love life, and probably some random representations of my understanding of beauty.  I’ll also include the occasional recipe — and the very occasional *cough* weight loss tip — because food controls my life.

It for now. xo.