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Did that just happen?

You know when you find a beautiful creation of something in a store and immediately sense a dangerous obligation?  

That’s what happened to me today, when I accidentally bought this light pink Tory Burch cross body, baby suede  briefcase!  

 Justification: I need it for school… obviously.

soho t-burch store:

Bye, Bye Betsey

It’s safe to say I’ll be in mourning of Betsey Johnson designer stores for the remainder of this year.  Not because I wear her clothes these days… but because she is the spunkiest 60-something woman who walks the planet!

All of those trips to Stanford mall with that hot pink and yellow store being the first sight to greet me as I head towards Bloomingdales are forever in the past.  I mostly only went in that store during the months preceding my high school’s homecoming dances.  God, it’s easy to find a dress for a 15-year-old in there.

Before you let those tears pour, know that Betsey will not be gone forever.  Even though her high-end women’s apparel isn’t making it, she will continue making sportswear and Betseyville accessories.  Phew!

Shoesday Tuesday

  Everyday shoes for under $100?!  Go Sam Edelman!

OK — my sister actually introduced me to these beauties, and I didn’t even like them at first!  Hard to believe, I know.

But she wore her five pairs around me all the time, and they began to grow on me, and now I’m in love.  I’ll be wearing them all summer, it’s decided.

There’s a color for everyone, but the flat sandal (Gigi) can really make anyone happy, especially at their affordable price!

Hello world!

First blogpost here!

I figure, these days, if you don’t have your own blog or tumblr by the time you’re 20 years old, you really don’t want (or care) to express yourself to others.  Maybe it’s because you don’t want people all up in your business, or maybe you just don’t have anything important to share in the first place.  Or more reasonably, you actually have a life!

Everyone needs a spot to put all of those pretty photos, story-of-your-life GIFs, witty quotes, and stimulating youtube videos they collect during their daily three-hour bonding sesh with their computers.

So, that’s what this blog will be for me before I reach the big 2 0.  It is my sonata, if you will.  A compilation of my experiences and crazy adventures, music and photos that make me love life, and probably some random representations of my understanding of beauty.  I’ll also include the occasional recipe — and the very occasional *cough* weight loss tip — because food controls my life.

It for now. xo.