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Daily Delight: Show Support with Blue!

A special little boy in my life, Ryan, lives with a condition called AMC (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita) that affects his joints, mostly in his legs making it very difficult (but now after surgery, not impossible!) to walk.  And today, is having an awareness day!  Wear that blue… help educate!

shirt: Patterson J. Kincaid     bag: Rebecca Minkoff     

shoes: Mia       shorts: Hudson



The weekend of gay pride parades in various cities (SF REPRESENT!) across the country, well mainly just on the coasts for obvious reasons, had small businesses and large corporations alike showing pride and acceptance for sexuality of all kinds throughout the US.

And when Kraft Foods posted this picture of a double- double- double- stuffed Oreo on their website, they obviously had some bigots and haters speak out against them and threaten to boycott.

How could anyone go wrong with a sextuple-stuffed oreo… IN RAINBOW COLORS?!

Bye, Bye Betsey

It’s safe to say I’ll be in mourning of Betsey Johnson designer stores for the remainder of this year.  Not because I wear her clothes these days… but because she is the spunkiest 60-something woman who walks the planet!

All of those trips to Stanford mall with that hot pink and yellow store being the first sight to greet me as I head towards Bloomingdales are forever in the past.  I mostly only went in that store during the months preceding my high school’s homecoming dances.  God, it’s easy to find a dress for a 15-year-old in there.

Before you let those tears pour, know that Betsey will not be gone forever.  Even though her high-end women’s apparel isn’t making it, she will continue making sportswear and Betseyville accessories.  Phew!